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Ozone Laundry 

The disinfection power and speed of ozone is 150 and 3,000 times of chlorine respectively. Ozonated water can replace bleaching agent and majority types of liquid disinfectant chemicals. It is an excellent disinfectant which is environmentally friendly and safer as there is no toxic residual.
Save considerable detergents
Ozone is the second powerful oxidant in the world that all the dirt can be decomposed in just a very short period of time. Oxygen is released after oxidation of the ozone and that can even better enhance the cleaning capacity of detergent. As a result, it may save up to 40% of the washing detergent by using ozone laundry.
Can effectively decompose oil or grease
Ozone can effectively decompose and remove oil or grease that other detergents cannot do that.
NO need to increase water temperature or to add bleaching agent
Special disinfection is necessary if clothing, bed sheets and accessories are from the hospitals. Bleaching agent and higher water temperature would be used in a traditional way. However, ozonated water should be the most appropriate method to treat this type of high risk clothing due to its incredible disinfection power. Less clothing shrinkage and can avoid fiber to twine together while it is no need to use hot water.
Ozone has softening effect
Ozone is able to enhance the oxygen in the rinsing water while oxygen can activate a variety of detergent and result in softening effect. Using ozone can save lots of chemical softener and the clothing fibers are naturally softened.


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