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Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone can break most of the long chained odor molecular to become simple oxide and water molecular.   PIE Ozonation has done a lot of jobs in odor removal in Hong Kong, Macau and PR China by ozone technology with the best results in various industries.

• Reducing the need for chemicals – as the Ozone gas is produced ‘in situ’, there are no storage or
transport costs
• No pollutants – the only ‘breakdown’ product is oxygen
• Any wastewater is safe to re-enter waterways and surface drains, saving energy and money
• A huge reduction in most CIP (Cleaning in Place) processes
• Wastewater can be used in other grey water applications, saving water top up from other sources
• Negating the use of harmful halogens such as chlorine and chlorine dioxide
• No chemical manufacture is required, therefore reducing the need for transport and eliminating the need
for chemical drums
• Immediate elimination of risk of running out of chemical stock and delivery complications etc.

Hereunder are the locations used to have odor problem:

* Kitchen, freezer, waste food decomposer

* Grease trap and garbage room

* Refuse chute and exhaust air duct

* The sewage manholes inside the building

* Sewage pump pit at basement

* Sewage pump house, sewage treatment plant


CR- Series

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