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Application of PIE Ozonation

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Ozone for Air Disinfection

Ozone can be applied for air disinfection at occupied area with concentration up to 0.1 ppm and no limit for unoccupied room. It is a good choice for air disinfection in the area that needs high level of environmental hygiene, such as hospital, clinic, clean room, laboratory, food processing, and pharmaceutical.Ozone is the best in air disinfection compared with UV and other chemicals as it reacts with air completely without producing any harmful byproducts and residues.

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Ozone for Water Disinfection

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizing agent and commonly being used in municipal water andwastewater treatment. It is an environmentally friendly method of treatment that do not generate any chemical residues and harmful by-products during the process. Pollutants, dyed substances, odors and microorganisms are decomposed by oxidation. Ozone, which generated bycorona discharge method, provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative tochemical oxidation, filtration, and absorption processes.

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AOW Atomized Ozonated Water

AOW patented disinfection and sterilization technology combines industrial-grade ozone technology and ultrasonic water mist to form a unique atomized ozone water (Atomized Ozonated Water AOW). AOW uses the powerful sterilization effect of ozone, combined with high-efficiency atomization equipment, can effectively spread and guide ozone water mist in the space, killing 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria without leaving any harmful chemical


Ozone Detector in water and air

PIE Ozone sensor can control the ozone gas by using Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) sensing material. The measured ozone concentration will deliver readings in ppm. inside the data logging memory plus output signal in accordance with the preset program to on / off the connected Ozone machine and the signal lights.

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