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Ozone for Air and Surface Disinfection

Air Disinfection

Ozone is the powerful sterilizing gas known to the science. Ozone can apply for air disinfection at occupied area with concentration up to 0.1 ppm and no limit for unoccupied room. Therefore, ozone is a good choice for air disinfection in the area that needs high level of environmental hygiene, such as hospital, clinic, clean room, laboratory, food processing and pharmaceutical.


Ozone is the best in air disinfection compared with UV and other chemicals. Since Ozone is gas phase and it can react with air completely that UV light and chemical droplets cannot do the same job.

Surface Disinfection

Ozone at low concentration is good for air disinfection. When ozone used at high concentration, ozone can be applied in surface disinfection. Most of the material surfaces can be sterilized by ozone gas effectively.


Since ozone will not leave any toxic residue, ozone surface disinfection can apply for products and most kinds of food before packing, container, bottles and packing materials.

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