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CR-80i, the industrial grade ozone machine combines the excel-lent quality “Corona Discharged” and the sophisticated HF pow-er supply. The state of the art assembly generates the high con-centrated and pure “scientific ozone gas” that has the unique function to serve many kinds of industries.
Developed and manufactured by PIE Ozonation (Hong Kong) Limited, the injection model emits ozone by air tubing to any locations which are difficult to approach. For example: area at pump pit, vent pipe, drained pipe and air scrubber. The injected ozone gas can also direct discharge to water, wastewater or chemicals that need ozone aeration.
Equipped with microprocessor and ozone sensor (option), the CR-80i has unlimited application cases in air disinfection, odor removal and food preservation.


  • CR-80i

    Flow rate: 30L/min

    Ozone capacity: 8,000mg/h

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